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Cortex, now you're just knit picking. From what I've read, silent_lemon knew there were availability issues with the PCS model of the gun he wanted. The fact that he didn't check if he got the PCS model when he received it and is only now trying to do something about it, AFTER trying to resell it, doesn't speak much for his credibility.

For example, when I purchased an expensive video card for my pc, when I finally did receive it, I made damn well sure it was the one I wanted. I didn't wait three months, try to sell it, then find out it wasn't the one I wanted because my buyer noticed for me.

Having dealt with A&A myself, I'm positive that if he hadn't waited 3 months to try and rectify the situation, he could have had this resolved in a manner satisfactory to both parties of the transaction.

Unless I read silent_lemon's posts incorrectly, it's his fault for only trying to take action this long after the transaction.

I'm not saying A&A didn't screw up, but silent_lemon screwed himself more so by waiting this long.
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