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Originally Posted by Maverick0 View Post
Silent_lemon, no offense, but did you not check yourself to see if it had PCS before you tried to resell it? That's also negligence on your part, imo.

If you only realised you didn't get what you ordered 3 months after receiving it, after trying to resell it, it's kind of your own fault for not verifying. Personally when I drop down a hefty sum of money on anything, I open it up and check it all out pretty much as soon as I get it. I can see how you would be disappointed you didn't really get the product you thought you were purchasing, but 90 days to make a complaint or w/e is usually longer than any retailer would allow with buying an extended warranty or something.

WHY would he check? Should he have checked the length of the inner barrel aswell just to make sure it's as long as it needs to be? Should he have checked the hop up bucking to make sure it hasn't been fired?

I didn't check my AK mechbox when I sold it to ensure it's a version 3.

The buyer paid for a product that he was told it was a "X" when it turns to be a "Y"...I don't see the buyer being at fault. And while there are MANY examples in this thread as to how other retail stores do this or that....apples to oranges. Airsoft is a tight knit community that has slightly different expectations. Just look at how this thread has influenced some of the posters positions on buying from A&A.....and those are only the ones that bothered to post.

Smartest thing to do is be aware of your product and be aware of your customer base. So far this thread has shown A&A isn't very aware of either.
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