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But Mark, we're not talking about a mechanical problem with the gun after 3 months. A mistake was made in the description of the gun that you were selling on your website and the buyer did not get what was described. Just telling him that it's not your problem is really poor business practice.

I made an order from Optactical for some gears. Same thing happen to me to one of the products I ordered. Right description but wrong peice. At first they told me to contact the manufacturer but I inform them that there was a mistake made on their site and they should try and correct that information. I had already used the product and told them that I wasn't really looking for a replacement since I had used it already and it was still ok for me.

Next email that was sent from them to me was that the correct one will be sent to me without charge and that I should just keep that wrong peice.

Needless to say, I have promoted that company to all my friends.

A simple gesture like that really goes a long way. I'm not saying that you should do that but at lease come to an agreement where the buyer can get some compensation to help him sell that gun. A partial store credit for anyone that buys it could have been offered. We would then have a thread that praise A&A for making it right instead of this.
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