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Originally Posted by vatek View Post
That was me. He only added that the trades were removed because I sent him an email and pretty much bitched him out. He gave me a refund less shipping. I've ordered a few guns from him since with no troubles, but if there were more retailers around I would easily take my business elsewhere.

To me, it's like buying a TV or a stereo system. You trust the sales guy to tell you the truth. If the guy says it has "x" key feature, it better damn well have that feature when I take it home and turn it on, or there's gonna be some major shit flying when I go back there to return it. It's the retailer's responsibility to make sure the product matches the description.
and if you put the stereo system under the stairs for 3 months, hooked it up and noticed X not present...remembering you bought the stereo with X, would you still go back and make a fuss? (i sure have/ and would in such a case.)
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