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well, yes, i didnt touch it for 3 months, it's sat in the same spot for 3 months. i think ive taken the mag out and put it in probably 5 times or so. Other than that, I dont have time right now to play airsoft, and there are bigger priorities. I could hop back into airsoft at any moment because i still maintain my gear and camos but the gun, i needed. And it's not seen any action of any sort ever.

I understand the concern though, 3 months is a long time. But id be willing to take it to a 3rd party if there's such qualms with my word.

the box and the gun as of right now, the gun sat where the box is now for 3 months.

the box and gun together

drocs sake - Im not trying to spread slanderous or untrue words about A&A, ill buy from them again, but rather looking for some support in this case, because the ad states, PCS, i was not sent PCS, even IF i used the gun, and even resold the gun, I would have grounds to complain that in the past, A&A advertised a different gun than that was sent. So regardless if anything is done, I hope he will check over his inventory and correctly advertise each one, to the letter.
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