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Originally Posted by silent_lemon View Post
So, i received it promptly, opened the box, cool, big green gun, content with my new m700 AICS PCS, I propped it up in a corner not 2 feet from the original box, and decided to relieve myself from the nearing 2 year airsoft hiatus when it gets warmer.

So, you've read everything you could find about the m700, opened the box (I assumed you looked it over a few times. I know I can't put down a new gun right away), and didn't look at it again for almost three months?

Now I can see that if it was a month, or possibly two at most, you might've had a good chance. But three months is a long time, and Mark has no idea what you've done with the gun. Not saying you have, but you have to see it from his eyes as a business owner. If he accepts it back, sells it to someone else and finds out something is wrong with it that wasn't blatently obvious at the time, he's on the hook for a lot of money.

Is it easy to mod to the m700 to have the PCS? (I know very little about the m700's) If so, mod it and sell it. sure you won't get exactly what you paid for it, but you do get a substantial portion of it. If not, sell it as the non-PCS version. It sucks, but you said you've read everything about it. I assumed you would've come across the same thing SBranson23 did when you were researching.

As for Mark, he should change the description as due diligance on his part. He should be keeping on top of these things if he's going to be selling them in his store.
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