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"talk to Tanaka " is the easiest way to unload your customer service dept if your busy.
"Go to the web site and send me a link for what you want". Its not the same as the McDonalds refernce. When ordering stuff like that there are details that are important to you. If the Manufacturer offers a sevice to get it exactly right do you need the retailer to hold your hand?
I can and will help you with what ever you need, My web site has pics of stuff on it, send me the link, with the size, the colour, the material. I'll ship what you asked for. Thank you, come again.
Dude, I sell pants, has so many phone converstations that start... "Uhm do you have army pants?"
Ask a MOD about PM's that start "Uh where can I get the AS guns". Well Mark deals with all those guys.
And feel free to shop where ever you want for ASG's. You have sooooo many to chose from here in Canada. lol
I don't want to sound like an ass here, I do a lotta business with ASers on the boards and in my shop. But take care of your own business and don't try to gain leverage by trying to smear A&A on the boards. Thats kinda juvenile.
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