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Originally Posted by Armyissue View Post
Hmmm. You bought rifle, because it had a specialized feature, you did take it out of the box when you received it and didn't look at it for 3 months. Then sold it again after having PM's & emails with the buyer. The Buyer gets it and tells you the next day its not a PCS. Is it and invisible upgrade? ...
I'm the guy who discovered that the AICS does not have the PCS. It is not "invisible" but it does require removing the bolt to be sure. Takes 2 seconds to confirm but neither of us knew how to check until I did a little research.
A friend of mine ordered an AICS recently from A&A and it too does not have the PCS but is an export version (says so on the box) that has a larger nozzle than the domestic(japan) version which supposedly only shoots around 200fps with duster. If he hadn't known about the relatively new FPS limit law in Japan, he too would've expected the PCS as there is only ONE description for 3 versions of the same gun at A&A.
This is an issue A&A should take up with his supplier not pass the buck onto the unsuspecting consumer. If something similar happened say with your car where the size of the engine was misrepresented, you'd be going to the retailer not the manufacturer!

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