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3 months or not, the product was not what was ordered. Granted I think a "normal" store what you are pointing out is very true. But....this is AIRSOFT. Word of mouth is worth more in airsoft IMO. A&A could accept it back and sell it again and nobody is worse for wear, OR even offering to accept it back but minus $50 for restocking due to the time between the original transaction and now.

But a response of " go talk to Tanaka", that is not a prefessional way of doing things. Just look at this thread....bad publicity in the airsoft community goes farther then a "normal" retail buisness due to how close the community is.

As I said, smart thing to do as a retailer here is to accept it back and move on. The longer this situation goes on the worse it ends up being.

Just to recap, I agree with what you posted, but it doesn't work so well in airsoft due to how "clicky" and close knit the community is.
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