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Yes, but we are talking about a $1000. If someone came in and bought a $1000 set of NVG's here and came back after 3 months, telling me that they are not the one they wanted. Its not a t-shirt, its a big part of your months bottom line and your asking me to swallow a big pill so you won't have too. If you can name the business owner of a small Biz chances are he's a busy guy. With a lot of product coming and going, there will be errors, and we accept a certain amount of responsibility for that. But theres a point that it is not fiscally responsible to comply with the customers requests. Its not that difficult to see why he would refuse.
I used to work for one guy who in 23 years never gave a refund. Alway argued. He either lost a customer or found an agreeable solution. Dumbass was proud of that. I changed the Policy to allow for refunds as they were expressed by Management. I would allow a refund to customers were it was considered benificial to the company to do so. So instead of losing a sale or a customer after looking at other options I would allow for a refund. It made a difference.
I also worked for a company that had a standing policy to offer a ton of no-charge extras and no questions refund. This policy was taken for granted and abused to a great expense of the company.
Its about being rational and reasonable. Find a solution that would be acceptable to A&A. You have a product and money, he has a store and a reputation. Return ship and re-order something else similtainiously with some extras, or sell the AEG on your own to recoupe your expense, but to Expect a refund for that amount of money, after that long, from a small business, is not realistic.

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