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Originally Posted by Armyissue View Post
Hmmm. You bought rifle, because it had a specialized feature, you did take it out of the box when you received it and didn't look at it for 3 months. Then sold it again after having PM's & emails with the buyer. The Buyer gets it and tells you the next day its not a PCS. Is it and invisible upgrade? I dunno these things. Dude, I sell Pants.
Mark doesn't have any obligations here. You are relatively unknown to him thousands of Km away and on your word he has to give you a thousand dollar refund.
And no retailers do not have an automatic refund return or exchange whenever you feel like it policy. Major cor-pirate retailers have specific policies on conditions and receipts on returns or exchanges. I don't think anyone would give you a $1000 back after 3 months. If you find some one let me know. I'd bet my left nut it wouldn't be an Army Navy store, and you'd be hard pressed to find a retailer that would.
well what id like to address is really the fact that im a decent person, im all grown up now, i started collecting and playing airsoft when i was 15, have quite a few transactions under my belt and my fair share of disappointments on me and of other people. Been around lurking ASC since 16, now im 21, and have a sense of humility. If this happened to me, id take strides to help them out, so asking for a small bit of credit here is not unreasonable.

from what i understand, there were PCSs available first, they came with a manual that states how to adjust it in the manual, then the restricted ones came out leaving the pcs adjustment out(i have one of these and one of the manuals without the adjustment pictures) then the americanized ones came out, with a larger diameter nozzle for upwards of 500fps etc...that he now carries.

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