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Hmmm. You bought rifle, because it had a specialized feature, you did take it out of the box when you received it and didn't look at it for 3 months. Then sold it again after having PM's & emails with the buyer. The Buyer gets it and tells you the next day its not a PCS. Is it and invisible upgrade? I dunno these things. Dude, I sell Pants.
Mark doesn't have any obligations here. You are relatively unknown to him thousands of Km away and on your word he has to give you a thousand dollar refund.
And no retailers do not have an automatic refund return or exchange whenever you feel like it policy. Major cor-pirate retailers have specific policies on conditions and receipts on returns or exchanges. I don't think anyone would give you a $1000 back after 3 months. If you find some one let me know. I'd bet my left nut it wouldn't be an Army Navy store, and you'd be hard pressed to find a retailer that would.

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