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HELP! RE:A&A Airsoft, Miss-advertised Tanaka M700 AICS sale

Well, history first. After reading everything and anything I could get my hands on regarding Tanaka's line of m700's, I decided to find a Tanaka m700 AICS PCS. As hard as it might seem to find a PCS version, I decided to do a lot of searching, and through that effort, I discovered A&A Airsoft had 1 remaining in stock. I hurredly slammed down 900 plus shipping, came out to roughly 950 if memory serves me.

So, for the record, in early January I put down an order for a Tanaka M700 AICS PCS through A&A airsoft; the article looks as follows:

Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S.(OD)
[TNK-SNP-M700] $899.95

Click to enlarge

Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S.(OD)

One of the most tactical sniper rifles, full metal outer barrel and soft rubber stock make itself the ultimate rifle for comfortable and accurate shooting. Extremely heavy, weighs more than 4.5kg! Zero resistance bolt action. Gas operated and takes HFC134 gas for 395fps of stock power! Integrated power control system (PCS) allows tuning down of power for safer velocities during skirmishing. Cocking indicator on the rear of the bolt tells you whether the rifle is cocked. Solid cocking motion with full metal mechanism. Removable metal full size magazine is realistically finished and holds 27 rounds. Built-in quick release ball-joint type bipod receptor in the front allows quick attach / detach of a bipod for steadier aiming. Front and rear sling mount. A simply beautiful gun and beats Maruzen's APS Type 96 (already a really good rifle) in heft, realism, and realistic finishing.
Didnt seem too good to be true, it seemed accurate. A&A airsoft, whom I had read had good customer service, prompt shipping time, and decent prices advertised PCS, smack dab in the middle of the article. I probably read that article over three or four times because I simply couldnt believe it had PCS, but with it saying 1 remaining in stock, I wanted to get on it ASAP.

So, i received it promptly, opened the box, cool, big green gun, content with my new m700 AICS PCS, I propped it up in a corner not 2 feet from the original box, and decided to relieve myself from the nearing 2 year airsoft hiatus when it gets warmer.

Well now it's nearing that time of the year, and I actually need to sell it - I'm in quite the bind, and could really use that 900 back. I packed it up, original papers still in the box, styrofoam included, never fired, (magazine doesnt even KNOW what a BB looks like...) So I put it up for sale advertising Tanaka M700 AICS PCS, for sale for the amount I paid for the gun, 900. Several emails/PMs later from a fine local chap, and we met, traded and it was done. The next day I received a PM stating the bad news - It really wasnt a Tanaka M700 AICS PCS. It is the restricted one, (not even the for-america version and because im a stand up fellow i gladly honored our deal and gave the money back)

I sent an email to Mark Anderson of A&A Airsoft a few days ago, asking for either a refund or an exchange to be made for what is advertised. I received an email back telling me I should ask Tanaka why their advertisement states PCS when it really isnt (When it's on his website that the incorrectly labelled advertisement is posted...confused)

Usually this sort of mistake wouldnt bother me. I would swallow the misadvertisement, buy a bigger bolt and keep the rifle as is. BUT 2007 isnt 2002 for me, I dont have a copious airsoft wallet now, and thinking id get back into airsoft was a mistake; I think it's unfair for me to swallow both A&A airsoft's misprint mistake and my own. I simply want either what was advertised, OR a full return. (which isnt as bad as it sounds, ive never even cocked it until yesterday...just resell it to some other sucker.)

what am I to do?

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