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Review - KA M16 Body Pins/ KA SPR Trigger Guard/ Magpul MIAD Grip

Hello peoples, some short reviews on new bits I just bought.

first up:


Just one word... Wow. As someone who's used Armalites in various iterations since beginning this hobby almost 10 years ago, I gotta say, this is one very high quality piece of kit. While a grip may seem like a superfluous bit to order for a gun, this is the rare piece that actually *improves* the functionality of any gun it's on. Molded from plastic that feel almost rubber coated, the checkering wont chew your hands up anymore and the grip is super "positive" feeling in the hand.

One awesome feature is the brass motor adjustment screw in the bottom of the grip, it's definitely a step up from the little free floating plate stuck to the bottom of the motor with a dab of dirt attracting grease that came stock in the gun.

Installment was pretty painless for me, but like all grip business with armalites it involves disconnecting the motor and wiring so is a bit of an "intermediate" mod, if you've never taken the motor out of an armalite before I caution you to go slow and remember where the wires are lying inside when you take it down.

Also one of the few times I've felt I got *more* than my $49 worth in a purchase, great value for the quality.

Overall rating: 10
These are going on all future armalites to grace casa Coltfarmer

KA M16 Body Pins

-no pic-

Uhh, these screw in... TMs don't. It's pretty much a no brainer, if you own an armalite, save yourself a headache down the road and buy some screw in pins. Don't have to be KA, though the KA do come shrink wrapped to prevent scratches and are a cool flat black.

Overall rating:10
pretty much not a "neccessary" part but a smart investment nonetheless, buy some!

KA SPR Trigger Guard

Just to give my new M733 a little flair I ordered this inexpensive part as well. Comes with it's *OWN* retention pin, so DON'T try to install the stock marui pin and CRACK your plastic body like *I* did... Slots in easily but there is a bit of play in the guard which makes it feel a little wonky, I'm sure it can be fixed by shimmying some filler between the pins and body, gives the gun a unique look and works much better with gloved hands than the stock trigger guard...

Overall Rating: 7
Nice bit of kit, pretty uneccessary unless you're going for an SPR impression, but it's cheap enough $20< and makes the gun look pretty cool, not as tight tolerances than the TM though, maybe it's designed for metal bodies.

Sorry for blurry pics, my hands shake and i'm too lazy to find the tripod lol.
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