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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
you missed the point lol
all this group of people wanted was to have a 399fps gun with a box mag, we lowered the limit to 350, now they dont play with us, problem solved.
They werent focusing on tactics at all, only to have more ammo than anyone else and just starve us out. Although this happens in real warfare, its not fun when it happens EVERY game. Not to mention with an LMG shooting 400fps, we would just wait for them to break down then assault.
and ive got two LMGs, you dont need to be shooting above 350 to do your part
An LMG shooting 399fps is a little high IMO. It makes sense for rifles that will only hit you maybe 3-5 times a burst, but for guns who's purpose is to hose ammo, I think it's excessive.

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