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Ok, im kind of lost. If some people are trying to get around ammo restrictions i dont see how lowering the FPS to 350 for a certain type of gun is going to penalize someone. sounds like someone got hurt, and yeah it can happen, maybe 350-380 should be the limit for ALL guns?

I do believe there should be a limit on FPS so people dont get hurt in the sport. 350 ? 400? whatever the number is, as long as all guns are shooting the same no matter what kind of gun it is.

Why does a sniper gets to shoot 460? cause he only has 1 shot? he is the most covert guy on the field and usually with another set of eyes, he doesnt need to be shoot any harder.

If someone is camped out in a bunker or ditch someplace with a pile of ammo and a LMG i adjust my tactics and hopefully it makes me a better player. To me its about the challenge and more realistic.

Just my 2 cents..

Later guys
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