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Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
From the little I know about CNC you usually need to CAD the part first. Well if he's willing to give/sell you the part file(s) you could have it CNC'd yourself at around 100$/hr at a machine shop.

You can program cnc by hand using MS word. You just have to know what your doing. Althow once you begin working with 5 axes and more it get's confusing real fast so your better to CAD it.

If the AR180b receiver is anything like the standart ar-15 receiver it a rather simple part to do. Just time consuming for all the little external details. If I recall correctly it was quoted for about 18 hours per receiver on conventionnal machining by my shop's panner..(he's pretty good on estimate, I was just curious what he would quote on it so I brought him a cad file of the ar-15 I won't make any even if I could get them done in 37.89 minutes in the millturn 7 axes cnc).

Before manking any parts either for airsoft or real gun always better to check before you start cutting.

Originally Posted by Snake-Eater View Post
I am also doing my lower like his to. All I have is the mag cut out I cant find time to get it done my machine shop I go to is allways busy
Lol... the dreaded curse of the machinist... so many projects so little time....

p.s. fake supressors (aka training supressor) are legal in canada btw... yes i talking for real guns.
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