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Re: shop glasses, Hell I wear those things every day, and ya they sure will protect you from thins flying strait at your face, let me see what I wear them for um when I am using a sledge hammer ( in front of me), um hitting a punch or a chisel w/t a hammer,( in front of me again), grinding something ( in front of me) using a drill, using my die grinders, w/t various things on the end, cut of wheel, sanding disks, and reamers, all of those things I am looking dead on. so when a cut off wheel decides to self destruct and I get it in the face, oh it is coming dead on not, and well I will tell you the shop glasses work great, I sort of wish that I had been wearing a face shield as well. but when some some claymore goes of, or some young kid holds a m203 shell around the corner and you got bb's bouncing off everything. make sure you are looking dead on oh and maybe put your hands up to cover the sides, and the bottoms of the glasses, Anyone that thinks wearing shop glasses playing airsoft is safe enough, is bloody well stupid in my books.
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