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Why would you go all the way to FR? LOW is in Mississauga...5 minutes from my house.

Anyway, point is I want urban / cqb to be urban / cqb. I don't want to storm into a warehouse and find a room full of sand, a couple of towers and parked cars because that's not CQB.

CQB games, REAL CQB games, are very different from what most people (in the GTA anyway) imagine. Here, most people think in terms of Splatters, which is NOT CQB. Neogtiating a building full of opfor is very exhilirating experience. Close quarters, limited options for breaching obstacles, specific routes of travel dictated by hallways etc make for very interesting circumstances. You can literally set up on your opponent so he has NO CHOICE but to engage or disengage in a particular manner, leading into all kinds of traps and ambushes that you just can't do outside.

The idea of playing outdoor-type games indoors is cool, particularly in the winter, but guys, indoor should be used for indoor play. CQB. Polish up that swat-ninja gear and use it where it's appropriate instead of running around the forest in Wasaga in it.
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what if it model after his?
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