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I think I've seen what you're talking about. There are two grades of resiliant 0.68cal pellets. I've seen a light spongy type which is too light to have a long range (they slow down pretty fast). There's also a heavier version which hurts a fair bit more but carries velocity well. It's too bad the heavy one hurts so much. The cops sometimes uses them as light riot dispersion projectiles (not anything like the terrible bismuth rounds). The really cool thing about those balls is that they don't riccochet much at all. Very low energy riccochets makes for a big difference between a direct hit and a riccochet.

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There's another alternative to paintball, although the name escapes me right now. It involves standard paintball markers but re-usable rubber balls instead of paintballs. IIRC the FPS limit is lower than standard paintball due in part to the balls not breaking, thus absorbing less of the impact.

If there are multi-level props or buildings, I'd like to see real stairs. I don't know about the rest of you, but I find those ramps with a few cross strips more hazardous than regular stairs. More often than not these ramps are angled in such a manner as to potentially induce slipping. Nice wide, shallow steps would be nice.
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