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Originally Posted by Zeonprime View Post
What are you? My grandmother? 2 hrs? I can hit cambridge from Oshawa in 1hr10min (yes I've timed it...since I live in waterloo and work in Oshawa). Quaestor, that peddle on the right is called the accelerator...push down you go faster JK
Zeonprime, I appreciate your assessment (as well as the smiley and JK notation), but I must question your reasoning by looking at the facts.

I travel from Markham, and Mapquest suggests that FR is 107 km away and takes 74 minutes to get there without delays or traffic light stops. This interpolates to an overall average speed of 87 km/h, because of travel on local roads to get to the 401. Of course, this is inaccurate and misleading.

I suggested a 2 hour travel time, which means 1 hour each way. Obviously, this means that my average speed is 107 km/h per leg. However, we need to adjust for the time on local roads to determine average highway speed. I travel 7 km on local roads, which translates to 6 minutes at 70 km/h plus an additional 4 minutes for traffic stops and other delays.

The remainder is highway, and equals 107-7=100 km. Given that it takes me a total time of an hour to get to FR, and it takes 10 minutes to traverse local roads, that means that the remainder of 100 km is negotiated in 60-10 = 50 minutes. Solving for the rate of speed, you will note that my average highway speed is 120 km/h (where r=100*60/50).

You suggest that you can get to FR in 70 minutes from Oshawa. Mapquest reports the distance from Oshawa to FR is 138 km. Therefore, your average speed without adjusting for local travel time is 118 km/h. I also note that you need to travel 3.7 km on local roads, which at 70 km/h, translates to 3 minutes. Throw in 2 minutes for traffic light delays, and you have 5 minutes of non-highway time. 70 minutes (your total travel time) less 5 = 65 highway minutes. Total highway length is 138-3.7 = 134.3 km over 65 minutes. Again solving for the rate of speed, your average highway speed is 124 km/h where r=134.3*60/65).

Basically, you drive 4 km/h faster than I do when going to FR. That is hardly driving like 'your grandmother'. In fact, ceteris paribus, it means that you get to FR a whole 2 minutes before I do. It is my prudent and discreet decision to avoid attracting attention by excessively speeding at 8 a.m. on game day with a trunk full of imitation firearms and gear. My car gets to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds on 18" BBS alloy rims wrapped in Z-rated tires, so I'm not unfamiliar with enthusiastic driving.

The bottom line is that I would gladly pay a premium of $5-10 per gaming day to visit an indoor field in the GTA with comparable gaming fun (and other facilities) to FR. Even if it takes me 30 minutes to get to a closer field, I save an hour. I value an hour of my time far more than a measly $5-10. This is outside of addressing other benefits that indoor field might provide (insensitivity to weather conditions, flexible hours, convenience, clean washroom facilities, etc.). Tack these on, and a $30 field fee doesn't sound so unreasonable at all.
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