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Oh man, I couldn't help but try and HOLD back my VOMIT reading that super ghey ad.

I owned a JAC AUG, and it's not as sensational as that faggot ad is made out. You know right away you are dealing with a car salesman when the guy uses RARE right off the bat. Reading that whole bit about how it SHOOTS UNDERWATER makes me think he's copy pasting off of my stories over on X-Rings old Dboard.

These kinds of men-with-cunts who sell things like this just degrade the level of integrity in Airsoft circles. Sorry to spoil it, but this JAC owner knows otherwise - and it's disgusting behaviour.

The AUG looks new - did he find it in some shop back overseas where the hobby store owner was trying to make space in his backroom? Likely out of some CLEARANCE bin or something.
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