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Originally Posted by Goldman View Post
Honestly, as much as your "outgunned" in a woodlands environment, they also have huge advantages. A lot of players that will have HUGE sucess at a field like FR often sport only pistols, hell even just springers! Small, light, manuverable, you can be a force to be reckoned with even with a TM1911 springer in an urbanized environment, but yeah, it really does depend where you play...
Hey Grey, I think you missed that he's already point all this out. . . the environment thing.

Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Goldman, even so, apart from the environment there's also some skill involved.

Handguns have their place, but they are not the easyest thing to handle and aim properly under stress. If longer ranges are involved, long guns rule.

I suspect you know how to handle a handgun, not questioning that, but it's not an easy skill to learn for anyone starting off.

Not necessarily, I held the POW camp with a USP Springer once. And did a fair job with just my Hi-cappa when I ran out of ammo a couple times for my Armalite last season. And this season I took three pistols with me and no primary, it was fun. Mag changers are a bitching with both hands occupied, but the added ammo count makes up for that.

Also, my stock Hi-cappa (on propane) has about the same range and accuracy as a stock Armalites , which is fantastic and why I want many more mags for it.

Like Goldman said, you can dominate with a pistol depending the enviroment and how you play.

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