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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Attributes for an indoor field.

Street scape.. with cars.. mail boxes, benches..

Buildings with multiple levels.. including basement levels.

What you are trying to acheive is the ability to do Urban scenarios that lead to CQB engagements.

One of the most important things is an environment that changes. You need to be able to offer new set ups and scenarios with changing set ups to keep it fresh. This will require a lot of design and planing to go into the set up of a permanent environment. Some structures will need to be fixed.. while others could be mobile..

One of the strengths of what we have at TTAC3 is the ability to set up very different environments every time we play.. and even the ability to change the set up within the same session.
This keeps things fresh and we can make set ups tailored to the goals of the session.
For example .. sometimes we will set up a random field for informal open skirmishing. Other times we set up structures in depth for progressive entry and breaching. The size of the space limits the scale of what we can do .. but certaily the reconfigurable walls afford substantial scope.
I agree that a modular field is the way to go, otherwise things would get stale pretty quickly. If we were to build substantial enough walls to take abuse from everyone, on the fly layout changes wouldn't be very easy to do, maybe every week or two though.

Multiple stories would require high ceilings on the building and could become an insurance issue, those structures would have to be permanent, but it's something to look into.
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