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As said before, one can't really compare a paintball field to an airsoft field. Paintball fields make money selling paint. Field costs and rentals are minor compared to the amount they make selling paint. You can't expect do the same at an airsoft field because no one would pay huge sums of money for bbs. So you make up the difference by having a higher walk on fee. But you can't just have a higher walk on fee and provide a boring experience, no one would come more than once, so you have to make up for it in the experience and the facilities.

The Winnipeg field has a permanent setup I believe. Now we don't think that's ideal because it would get boring quickly and once again you wouldn't want to come back after a while, so a modular field would be the solution for this, but there's so much more that could be done, so that's why we're here asking, what else would you want to see.
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