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Depending on the set up, I dont think its that un-feasable.

For kit owners, the price should be 25. But if you were to look at say the cost of an average day of paintball. (25 for kit rental, 7.50 per 100 balls x5 = 62.50 on average. Thus you could get away with a renter paying $50 for their kit-up.) Which comes into 25/day 175/wk paying customers, not including BB sales. If you were to incorporate corporate team building, and birthday parties, I don't think its that unreasonable....

Especially if you keep in mind that if the field is of good size, with good props, trustworthy parking and a decent location, you can see upwards of 35 players a game (depending on if the venue can hold that). Include something like a membership that is 300 a year, then $5 to walk on instead of 25... The math *could* work.
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