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ok... again

Ok lets do this again...

most people agree that the $25.00 price point is the target.
Lets say this is for 4 hours..

Lets make some other assumptions.

The facility will be 15000 square feet ( this is about 3 times the size of TTAC3 and 3/5 the size of Splatters.

Lets presume 2 employees making a starving wage,
and lets presume one principle who is making a mediocre living.

Warehouse space in Toronto, The cheapest that is still accessable is $14.00 a square foot Plus Plus ( taxes and Utilities )

So lets run the numbers down..

Monthly Rent $17500.00
Utilities $1500
Employees $ 5000
Principle compensation $4000

Total montly expenses ( conservative ) = $28000.00

So you need to generate about $1000.00 of revenue per day to just support the endeavor..

It is likely any warehouse will need leasehold improvements, so lets add some startup costs.

Rental equipment $ 20 000
Renovations to environemnt $ 50 000.
Business licenses and incorporation costs $5000
Marketing $10 000.00

Total Startup $ 85 000.00

Lets presume you finance this .. so lets add $30 000.00 in interest

Total 1st year expenses $451 000.00

At $25 a pop this would require 18040 sessions sold
or 1503 a month, 375 a week
or 53 paying customers a day.

Now if you put in a pro shop (not selling guns of course because that is illegal) but gear and consumables.. you could suplement your revenue stream.. and reduce the need for players.

but really you could not get below the need for 40 sessions sold a day or there abouts.

I've done the math... it could be viable but I would want 1.5 million in the bank before I started looking for a place.
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