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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
The only folks who can comment on indoor field pricing are those who own one and can talk about the costs they face.

The rest is speculation.
Trict's intent appears to be a research effort on what the airsoft community market can bear for an indoor field in the GTA. He (or she) is likely posing the question to evaluate the financial feasibility of the project, particularly by investigating revenue sensitivity. If airsofters aren't willing to pay a certain price, then going ahead with a field and its enormous costs is a waste of time.

Although indoor field costs are certainly an important factor for Trict to consider, the thread was started with the expectation of responses addressing field pricing and qualitative features that would support such pricing (like Goldman's first post).

Should any existing indoor field owners be able to provide some insight here, I'm sure Trict, and the rest of us, would be more than interested.

To add some more context, I haven't played an airsoft game in several months - mostly in part due to the inconvenience and commitment of traveling out of town to play at a decent field. Were an impressive indoor field to exist, I would most certainly regularly visit and pay $30-35 for each outing.

Easy access, decent washroom facilities, dynamic field layouts, and professional management are all features I would pay an additional $5-10 for. Saving me 2 hours of driving and gas is worth much more alone. I'm sure most people can value their time at least as much as $5 / hr.
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