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Again, would you please introduce yourself and provide a brief background on who you are?
I was first introduced to airsoft back in in 98 or 99 by some friends. While I've never owned guns myself, I've always used my friends guns. I've played at various games over the years, but I was never very active in the community. I'm most likely not known by many on these forums, there is a picture of me somewhere at one of the games but I have no idea where it is, it may even be on here somewhere.

We're honestly just asking for thoughts from you guys, consider this research. You guys make up the airsoft community in Canada and so it makes sense to ask you guys what you would want in a field. Outdoor fields are easy, there are lots of those around. I know of only one indoor field in Canada, and it runs on a time based system from what I understand. It's hard to compare running an airsoft field to a paintball field because they can run with lower field costs due to them being able to charge a lot for paint. So for an airsoft field to exist, higher field fees would have to happen, but one can only ask for so much, but to ask for higher fees you have to back that up with a better service/experience, so here we are.
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