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Given that a common reference for an airsoft outing in the GTA includes a trip to Flag Raiders in Cambridge, I'll use this basis as a corollary for evaluating a fair price for a Toronto based field.

$25 at FR gets you a full gaming day and hot dogs (at least it used to, I haven't actually been to a game in ages). I don't credit much value to the hot dogs, and my travel to and from the field is at least 2 hours. Given the fuel costs and my driving time, I think it's very reasonable to expect a field fee upwards of $30 for the convenience of a metropolitan field.

That is, given that the satisfaction of experience and utility from an indoor Toronto field is comparable to options available in an outdoor setting beyond the GTA. In addition, I expect that replicating an outdoor field experience is difficult, if not impossible, to do indoors. On the flip side, there are several advantages to an indoor field - CQB arenas, clean play, and zero rain days.

Would this be an airsoft only field? Or a multiuse field (indoor soccer / go-karts etc)? To me, there's a lot of value in being able to play and leave without being covered in paint and grime.
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