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I've been profiled as well, for much the same reasons as Mr. Mapcinq there. Shaved head, big boots, and a trench coat don't go over well at the local Wal-Mart, lmao.

In responce to Manmaries' comment about 'gangstas'- Isn't it also part of their gang-life (or pseudo-gang-life) to carry handguns and commit violent acts? I mean, thats what those street gangs do, and if I were a police officer who saw a bunch of folks in gang colours I'd probably search them as well regardless of race. They are suspicious and have caused a lot of violence world-wide.

To say that is to say that all men in uniform are rapists and murderís based on the actions of a very small minority.

To profile is to stereotype in the worst way possible. To think that a person is not only going to have certain characteristics because of ethnicity or appearance is bad enough but to assume those characteristics are negative in nature or harmful to others is the same small brained thinking that started the KKK.

It is always the majority that is profiling the many minority groups assuming they are the cause of all problems. The reality is crime in North America is pretty consistent with ethnic representation. I'm sure someone will provide a statistic that says otherwise but when all and I mean all is considered (longer prison sentences for minorities, lenience for certain first time offenders and so on) you will find that it is an even playing field.

All but one of the terrorist attacks in the US were from US citizens

Aint no home boys shooting up the schools

There are sick people in every race.
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