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some brief thoughts

what is needed is public awarness, to most people AEG'S BB'S etc mean little in fact most peaople here in UK possibly drive past skirmish sites without knowing the battles that take place, everywhere we look in modern society the media is utilised and possiblt this is where airsoft needs to walk along this path over zealous government officials bad information etc means people go "oh whats that then wow aint it dangerous" this along with the few individuals that use their weapons in a manner to bring them to the publics attention is bad press all negative stuff for us.

a fly on the wall documentry or as mentioned in a previous post local and federal officials should be invited, hell we vote them in to sort issues like this out lets show them the facts.
or a publically recognised airsoft body that trains and regulates its use

basically we should use the media to promote our sport, hobby ,interest when all is said and done when someone points a long black tube at you and ask you to release the contents of your wallet, you aint gonna be peering closely to see if it says tokyo marui and the truth is i could go to canadian tire mmmmmmmmmm ok a long swim and walk to get there and buy a screwdriver and go on a mad spree and kill main injure countless peaple yet i dont see any regulations stopping us on that one

from an aifsofter from across the water i hope that you gain what we have managed here a small bridgehead in the mad world of government ineptitude

regards nick
Capt Ryan Aka Nick Carter
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