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Originally Posted by Death March View Post
It seems,depending on the area you live in makes a difference on the fps,ie. there is a group here that want the fps limits of LMG(249's & so on!) too only shoot 350 fps while AR's,AK's &so on are allowed 400fps and Sniper units I belive was 460 fps with.20's.The LMG limit kinda doesent make any sence to me as they use the same gear box (ie.G&P anyway!).So seems to be the area you live in.Cheers!
the LMG limit was only brought in because there are people that bought the 249 just so they could get around our ammo restrictions and were using it irresponsibly and in an un-milsim like fashion. These people have the wrong mindset for the game and its pissing us all off. There's other reasons we wanted them deterred from MAA games, but I won't go into that.

I own 2 LMG's, my G&P 249 will need about 200$ worth of parts to downgrade it to a reliable gun at 350 fps, yet i'm a firm supporter of this new rule.

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