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I think its pretty simple as for glasses. Take 1 min to think about how his one of your eyes worth... 15$, 50$, 100$....I can promess you that if you get one of those bb in an eye it will fuck it up pretty damm good since a lot of guys shoot around 400 fps... and on auto so you will probably get more than one in the face. Just think about those people that have one glass eye and cant see distances properly now cuz they lost one eye. 15$, 50$ 100$...

dont know about you guys... but I would think about it just a min should be enought to make up your mind.

Just for your info, I got bollé T-800 and they are pretty damm safe with a nice seal all around so no bb's can make their way in.

Cheers and think, 15$,50$,100$
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