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Introducing...... The AirsoftXtreme 3rd Issue Magazine!!!! May - June Issue!!!!

What's Included Inside:

Solomons Pass U.S.A
River RAts team U.S.A.
Airsofters around the globe like: croatia, U.K and barcelona spain
Featured Gun Reviews
DIY Corner
The first Oakwood Jungle Competition
Practical Shooting
Willy's Military Jeep Restoration
L85 Takedown (step by step procedure on upgrading your l85)
Game Site Reviews
Interview with a sniper
Letters from the Front
3G'S (Guns, Gears and Girls)
Featured Loadout from different countries.

Less Ads.....More Articles.....More PIctures.....More Airsoft Guns.....More Airsoft Girls......120 Pages of FULL Airsoft Fun!!!

Plus a FREE Poster CD Compilation of AX Girls in Authentic BDU'S and Airsoft GUNS!!!!

go check our website for more info.

FYI: For those who want to print and distribute AirsoftXtreme Magazine in Canada. Kindly email us at

Thanks Guys
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