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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
Hmm, im going in a college dorm in september, and i had intended to keep my airsoft rifle packed away in my dorm, in locked case with proper canadian guns storage laws. Nowhere does it say in my dorm contract that i cant keep my stuff there. Now, i have a whole dorm to myself, nor do i get myself drunk, so i dont think i should have any problems, no? My understanding of airsoft law from Brian at TTAC3 is that i could theoretically walk into mcdonalds with it as long as it was locked in a case (Im not stupid enough to try obviously, but if there is anyone who is XD PM me and tell me how it went)

Also, my understanding is that its illegal to buy and sell airsoft guns PERIOD,
However its not illegal to own. (yes i know the irony of "Period," followed by a comma)
I wouldn't do that. Seriously. I guarantee you that there is something in your dorm contract that says you can't store firearms there. And while an airsoft gun isn't technically a firearm, you think the people who run the rez are going to make that distinction? And as I stated before, you have to remember the other people in rez. I had my own dorm room too, and never got drunk (or really drank at all) in rez, and I would still never store my gun in rez. Ever.

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