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PRICE IS NOT EVERYTHING! (I know you already ordered)

YES, Jay is a good friend of mine, but putting that aside....

- I have never had a BB induced FTF with Bastards. I have taken a caliper to the odd 10-15 while sitting around, and have seen more consistent (indeed identical) sizing with Bastards than other brands. I use a tight bore and this translates into no jams and more consistent performance.

- The packaging is SUPERIOR. This might not mean anything if you are CQB all the time, but when you are rolling around in Muskoka and intend to carry your bag with you, these will survive

- The bags are made from heavy plastic and have heavy duty ziplock closures. This means that you can push the air out of the bag and eliminate the rattle of the BB's inside, so you CAN take your bag out into the game and not sound like a maraca.

- The bags are shaped so they sit upright on flat surfaces, which makes loading easier you don't have to hold or balance the bag.

You spent hundreds of dollars on the AEG or GBB, now you are shopping for the bottom line on BB's?

Feed your gun a nutritious diet. FEED IT LITTLE BASTARDS!

(I'll take my free bag now Jay LOL)

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