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I got mine last week and its awesome! Heavy weight (all metal barrel and weights in the grip) I actually added some extra lead fishing weights to the grip, about 200 grams worth (now its almost as heavy as a real steel). I did this because it is very front heavy because of the all metal barrel. The cylinder is metal as well as the trigger and the shells are metal too. The frame and grips are plastic. And the grips suck! They are way to plasticy for my liking.

In certain lighting conditions the barrel appears to be a different tint then the painted chrome frame on the gun. This is only visible up close and is due to the fact that the barrel is real chrome and the rest of the gun is chrome paint.

I wouldnt buy this gun for skirmishing because...... only 6 shots, only shoots 260 with .2's, not very accurate after 40 feet. But as a collector/plinker peice this gun rocks! And I am quite sure that for the $100 price tag you would be hard pressed to find a better revolver than this. The short comings that this revolver has can be found in alot of the more expensive Tanakas and marushins. So it actually compares quite well to the more expensive revolvers on the market.


If you want to use it in a game=dont buy it
If you want it for your collection and plinking=buy it!
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