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walmart booby trap

All the parts for this can be found at your local walmart woop

yep idle hands create evil things so here goes

This is what it looks like BEFORE just discharge it and let the confetti go ...

Pull it apart little twist and pull action on the turn knob and it pops apart

put some black tape over the hole in the center to prevent the bbs from interfering with the action

trim the NOSE off the key to make it flat on the top or as close as possible to prevent it from rubbing the tape

Attach a Eye Ring to the knob the thing is to make it so that there is VERY little Turn before it goes off you have to find the sweet spot for the eye ring and put it on ... this is just a picture to show you what ti looks like not for placement

now put it back together and WALLAH your done

put in about 25 6mm bbs single layer I found works best and they sit flat since the hole is filled

tissue paper works good ... nice and light wad it up and push lightly on top of the bb load

pushed in and little snug but not tight read to go

loaded ready to go ... just attach it to something and BOOM

good about 10-15 ft range perfect for trail or blindside attacks
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