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Originally Posted by Bullpup Dog View Post
an average gun for indoor and all off-the-shelf guns shoot at around 300-330 fps. good safety rated glasses will protect you from any shot that those can put out.
Unless you live in a god forsaken communist hellhole that belives that safety margins are just a capitalist ploy, you want safety gear to go above the requirements, not just meet them. Do you think paintball masks are rated to only protect up to 300 fps?

I'm not saying shop glases aren't going to stop some things, I'm just saying it's not the appropriate tool for the job.

I'm pretty sure that a kevlar helmet is sufficient to protect me on a construction site. It doesn't have the appropriate ANSI rating however.

If I take my M frames as an example again:

I've been told by an Oakley rep that the lense will stop a 12 guage buckshot at 30 feet. Even if this is exagerated, I've seen enough testimonials from real world operator saying their Oakleys saved their eyes from IEDs or debris blasts.

HOWEVER, since my M frame doesn't offer secure wrap around straps, I won't field them for airsoft, since I expect to get shot in the face every now and again, and a slipping lense would suck.

Unless your shop glasses offer secure wrap around, buy a paintball mask. Even if you shop glasses offer wrap around, buy a paintball mask.


Originally Posted by Moz View Post
It should be policy of airsoft fields to make players sign waivers regarding eye injuries and make it game rules that only shots above the nose count.

This would clear out the idiots pretty quick.
You cannot entirely waive your rights via a waiver. It's been documented on ASC, so search around.

Originally Posted by canuck31 View Post
hey just go onto the website called and look up there echo 1 and bugedt AEG. they are great AEG and you can easily put real gear box and what not into your AEG.

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which channel? (nevermind, I've seen this one)

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