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Originally Posted by Amazing KG3 View Post
I ordered a battery just a week ago, and its not here yet. My guess is customs is looking at it, and it should be here next week.

I would check out next time.
I just picked up 2 9.6v 1700 mah batteries for a total of $36.00 cdn including shipping. And with them being in Montreal there is no duties to pay and they arrived at my door in 2 days after placing my order.

It was the first purchase I had made from them, and definately won't be my last. I do not do alot of online shopping, but the cost/saving of these batteries made it worth it for me.
Also with my package, I got a little card telling me that if I make my purchase on a saturday that I would get 50% off my order (min. $50).
That being the case, I see no reason to have to buy abtteries from outside Canada again.

As for ordering other items, people just need to use thier common sense.
And by doing just a little bit opf reading on the forums people would be able to quickly find out when is going to be confiscatated and what wont. They just need to take the time and read before posting. Hell, it wouldnt surprise me at all if this same question was asked and answered 3000 times in the past 7 years.
Do you have any MP5 accessories that you're looking to get rid of just let me know.
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