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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Did I say I was the one who got stuff seized? I'm saying, read again, that Customs has seized weirder things in the past for no other reason that it was a bad day.

All kinds of parts, add-ons, etc have been seized before. Even the small spring sets that go into mechboxes, just because the container said M-16 or something on it.

I'm saying that dealing with Customs is a gamble at all times and you depend on their whim when you order anything. For many things, the gamble works, sometimes it does not.

If the gamble is worth it to you, heck, go for it.

I buy all my stuff from our retailers or local hobby shops. I also beleive in supporting Canadian Retailers; if we dont, one day we'll really bitch that we cant get anything into the country.
I know of some very, very shady shit customs has pulled at the border both with packages ordered and people coming across. But honestly, one is more 1000 times more likely to be killed in a car crash than they are to have something like a battery siezed. If it says "M-16" or some shit on the outside I could see that, but if it's a normal consumable household supply... I personally have never heard of anyone having a battery siezed at the border.

I agree with supporting Canadian retailers. However, when one is on a tight budget (as I imagine a good chunk of the younger folk who play airsoft are) purchasing a battery that's $25-$50 more expensive for the same thing just doesn't make any sense, especially when the chance of having it siezed at the border is like 0.01% or less.

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