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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Aww come on you can't do that to the poor boy. That's just setting him up for a flame-fest.
I admit I asked this on purpose, for this very reason. I'm from Victoria and I know there's no fields to play at in town. I know of at least one group of young kids who play in a church and the attached parkade, with decent pistols and shop glasses. Not a great way to do it, and I tried to deter them in the past, but it's no use.
Imperium, right now cndzn is your best friend when it comes to airsoft. He's a very standup guy, and when you do turn 18 he can verify you on these boards, opening up a ton of new and used airsoft sales to you (assuming you get bitten by the airsoft bug and want to continue). Show up to a game, see what it's all about, ask questions, take pics, etc. Whatever you do, don't play in a public place like your yard or an empty lot. The Victoria police are *very* unfriendly towards airsoft, and neither are the tree huggers and conservative older folks that fill the city.
You may want to rethink what it is you want to do.
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