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Originally Posted by imperium View Post
i played paint ball in my back yard numerous times and none of my neighbors reported anything

plus i played air soft in my neighborhood once before a bunch of the neighbors looked out the window and realized it was me and friends and went back to not caring
all my neighbors now me and know im a good guy so as long as i dont trash their property or break their windows which i don't plan on doing im 99% sure well be safe
Your neighbours might know you, but visitors to the area don't, neither would the delivery guy, nor that guy/girl just happen to be jogging in the area, and I don't think the cops will know you're a good guy when they just happened to drive by.

And FYI, the guns you get from Wal Mart are far from being airsoft. They are what we call "softair" or "crapsoft" or piece of sh*t, well you get the point.
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