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Originally Posted by Cushak View Post
Not the best idea, probably the worst. Best case scenario, someone naively reports you to the cops out of fear, newspaper runs a story of airsoft fear-mongering story, further endangering our sport. Worst case, you get shot by a jumpy cop, and airsoft risks getting actually banned an illegal.

If you really want to get into this sport, help preserve it, and only play on private land/spaces (not your backyard), where no one can see you, or it's completely expected (like a paintball course).
i played paint ball in my back yard numerous times and none of my neighbors reported anything

plus i played air soft in my neighborhood once before a bunch of the neighbors looked out the window and realized it was me and friends and went back to not caring
all my neighbors now me and know im a good guy so as long as i dont trash their property or break their windows which i don't plan on doing im 99% sure well be safe
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