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Getting into airsoft, some questions (ammo?)

okay so ive played paintball before bought a gun but dont play alot because of the price of ammo and such, i played airsoft with a buddy a couple months ago and recently some buddys expressed some intrest, what were going to do is all go out and buy some pistols to start off nothing amazing just the 20 dollar ones

possibly off ebay, also i found some cheap ammo on ebay but one of the things im wondering about is the ammo weight

most of the ammo ive seen is .2 grams 6mm i found some other ammo also 6mm but its .12 grams im wondering if there is any big difference

i would imagine that the lighter ammo has a higher muzzle velocity and packs less impact but has less range while the heavier goes farther

the .12 is substancially cheaper so im just wondering if theres any major difference
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