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Thanks for the tip.
I am over 18, and I have money too.
I'v been collecting pellet guns for some time, mostly the german umarex brand guns and,,, guess it was inevitable that I got into airsoft to expand my collection of replica's (but a year ago, I was not planing on getting into airsoft,, lol).
2 b honest I would "collect" airsoft guns but only the most high end items for collection sake.
But I'm really interested in getting involved in some good gaming fun too.
I dont really have any friends that are interested into getting into airsoft with me thus the post.

I do have a nice collection of pellet guns though,, and umarex is where its at for replicas (pellet guns that is but they are also making airsoft too now!).
I got a p88 nickel plated, (all metal) except the plastic on the grips.
beretta 92, nickel plated.
p99 compact, bb, blowback.
ppk, bb, blowback
got a nighthawk, distributed by crosman, but the gun is a umarex cp sport double action only, with red dot scope (12 brightness settings) a mock silencer, tac flashlight (its insanly bring too) and has a touchpad switch adapter for the handle so you can toggle the lamp on/off.

I have 3 crosman guns too,
the new T4 glock replica,
1377, moded
the backpacker, moded with a serious scope.

and well, as far as pellet guns are concerned im reaching the endpoint of my collection, i would buy a colt in nickel plating, and the desert eagle and baby variant. (umarex)

and now i'm getting into airsoft and would like to get some tips on anything related, like getting local contacts, events, ect...

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