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Originally Posted by Bravo One-Six View Post
See!!! THIS is what happens when you let under agers purchase Robert Goulets. They don't keep them securely stored and then he escapes. Which one of you is missing their Goulet? hmm??
I'm not going back! You don't want to know what that little bastard was trying to do with me I had no cigars, I had no whiskey! Life was lost for me.

Originally Posted by yanhchan View Post
Hey Robert you remember Oprah?
Yes, of course I remember her! How can someone forget that!

Originally Posted by neil555688 View Post
i have heard that you have to file down his testicals to make it fit, is this true and how much work is it to do it your self
You don't have to mod anything. I had a chance to try one while in Hong Kong last year. It fits perfect without any modifications.

P.S Can I be age verified? Some of my organs are failing due to lack of cigars and whiskey, I need to buy replacements ASAP.

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