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Typically 400fps for AEGs and 450 for bolt action rifles or modded semi only AEGs set up as marksman guns.

Some fields allow 500fps sniper rifles because it's only a single BB (I laugh at people who bitch and whine about hearing a rifle upgraded to 500fps might be on a field somewhere, even if they are safe within say 80ft, yet they are fine getting shot at by a burst of BBs from a 400fps AEG 30-40ft away.......... retards!) and most well respected snipers won't shoot within a certain distance, 80ft minimum for me, but there have been times I wouldn't take a shot even at 100ft because I felt it wasn't right to. And I played a game last year where the limit for sniper rifles was set at 550fps, so that even included my M700 running propane!

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