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Walmart corporation, Canadian Tire Corporation, many stores carry clearsoft.
Than again other companies carry various other non-airsoft replica's.
Walther, Crosman, Benjamin, Daisy, etc.
The by-law across the board is no sales of these items to kids under the age of 18. That's been in effect for quite some time.
But when the bratty kid starts to have a hissy fit and the parents can't control it, they crack, and the kid gets the clearsoft, etc.

Kids are kids, they do stupid things. Parents should be a tad bit more concerned at what their children are doing.

Needless to say it's a Liberal, hippy, bullshit attempt to put down respectable and responsible gun/replica owners.
They can't pin-point the problem and they cannot control it, so they throw the entire issue on the block and chop it. The effect is many upset replica owners that actually treat these replicas as the real McKoy.(sp?)

It's terribly annoying to listen to these bias f**ks, sitting in their high chairs dropping the gauntlet on our hobby which we've invested so much time, money, and effort on.
I know it's been discussed as to the direction to take in order to solve this growing problem. For the rest I guess, just hang tight and keep informed on what's going on.
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